About Wayu


Wayu is showcasing in Australia the art, culture and talent of Colombian artisans focusing on handmade accessories.  


Wayu is an inspiration from - Wayuu, the largest Native American ethnic group in Colombia and Venezuela on the Caribbean coast that represents approximately 20% of all Indigenous tribes in Colombia. 


One of the most significant parts of the Wayuu culture is the art of weaving that it is passed through generations. They express their way of leaving, the nature that surrounds them, their wisdom and creativity through it. 


Just like this tribe, they are many other indigenous groups and people, in general in Colombia that have dedicated their lives to create art. 


We work directly with the artisans so with every purchase you made - you are truly helping a family in Colombia. 


Marla & Marly Picos

The Picos sisters are the creators and designers of their childhood dream accessories brand for women and men "Mpico’s". 

They were born in Venezuela and raised in Barranquilla - Colombia where their parents are from.

Marla & Marly started their own company  "Mpico’s designs" in Venezuela and later on when they moved back to Bogota where they continue their dream by founding "Mpico’s s.a.s"  inversions.

Marla has dedicated the last 4 years to bring the family business life to Bogota. She specialises in hair products and jewellery such as bracelets, earrings and rings. She is the creator of our best seller Frida Kahlo rings. 

Learn more about Mpico's on Instagram @mpicos.co


Copy of Whit and Black Minimalist Tropic

Jackeline is originally from Bogota - Colombia. She has been an artist for more than 35 years. She opened her own shop when she was on her 20th  in the city centre of Bogota.


Since then she has been one of the most recognised artists in the area that sells handmade jewellery. 

Jackeline specialises in necklaces and bracelets made with organic ingredients such as tagua, melon and coffee seeds as well as orange skin. 


She is the creator for our rings and necklaces made of those organic materials. We are truly happy to promote her work in Australia. 

Thank you for your support #WayuAus

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